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VLSI design using VHDL

WWe explain the elements of digital system abstractions such as digital logic, Boolean algebra, flip-flops, finite-state ma­chines (FSMs), and microprogrammed systems. You study to design simple digital systems based on these digital abstractions,and the “digital paradigm” including discrete, sampled information. Teaches you how to use basic digital tools and devices such as digital oscilloscopes. Teaches Protocols like UART l2C and SPI.

    Syllabus headings:
  • Revision of basic Digital systems
  • Current state of the field.
  • Digital system Design.
  • Simulation with modelsim and Xilinx ISE
  • VHDL for Synthesis.
  • Example Projects and Problems
  • Objectives:
  • Revision of basic Digital systems Design
  • Designing digital circuits using digital elements
  • Get hands-on with FPGA kits with SPARTEN and ALTERA
  • Using simulation softwares like MODELSIM
  • We expect:
  • Attendance 100% in both theory and lab
  • Internal Theory and Lab 74% and above
  • Exams and Project 74% and above