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Micro controllers

Acomplete module deals with writing Assembly and Embedded C program for Hardware with any micro-controller on it. This module gives you first-hand experience of running your program on target hardware, thereby giving you the “Em­bedded” feel. With BITSFORGE custom designed Development kit boards (based on 8051 / AVR / PIC /ARM7) you will learn how to write optimized Embedded programs.

    Syllabus headings:
  • Introduction to embedded systems
  • Microprocessors vs. Microcontrollers with intense hardware focus
  • Hands-on working with GPIOs, Analog I/0s, Memory usage, interfacing etc
  • Micro controller peripherals usage – Timers, Counters, Interrupts and its sources
  • Communication protocols – UART, SPI, 12C etc
  • Interfacing Devices like LCD, GSM, XBEE, GPS, BLUETOOTH
  • Example Projects and Problems
  • Objectives:
  • Enable you to read and understand data-sheets and hardware manuals
  • Setup, develop and download Embedded applications into a target hardware
  • To provide a basic idea of hardware/electronics aspects of programming
  • To get you started with basic Embedded application development with ease
  • We expect:
  • Attendance 100% in both theory and lab
  • Internal Theory and Lab 74% and above
  • Exams and Project 74% and above